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Friday 21 October

CEO of Quiliam Foundation says Muslim civil war has spread onto UK streets!
Shamed council chiefs launch hunt for whistle-blower after secret sex abuse report leaked
The dark world of Teesside's child sex trade ("Exploitation" = "Asian males")
Paul Pass kidnapped and murdered in Gloucester - Asians arrested
'COVER UP' Police and BBC ‘hushed up sex attack on 14-year-old girl by gang of Syrian migrants!’
Appeal following Southwark rape
Three students robbed within hours in Fallowfield - Police seek Mid Eastern men
Teenage girl who tried to join ISIS 'stabbed German police officer in the BACK'
HAMBURG: Teens convicted of horror gang rape of girl, 14 - NO JAIL!
Audience member savages Clinton and claims Presidential hopeful should be in JAIL
'I don't want MEN sitting with our pupils!' LBC callers on refugees 'taking UK for a ride'
UK immigration laws are for BRITAIN to decide NOT the European Union, top Tory blasts
Videos put Democrats on defensive about dirty tricks

Thursday 20 October

Russia didn't reveal Hillary's emails - The NSA did!
Child refugee checks in Calais has descended into CHAOS, migrant charity chief admits
Are the kids from Calais making fools of Britain?
Syrian migrant asks to be DEPORTED and says Jungle camp is BETTER than UK
'It’s become terrible around here': MIGRANTS call for Merkel to deport MIGRANTS!
Thousands of refugees Merkel welcomed with open arms are now SUING her!
Muslim rape gang victim: Girls are still being targeted because cops refuse to act!
Shamed council chiefs launch hunt for whistle-blower after secret sex abuse report leaked
'COVER UP' Police and BBC ‘hushed up sex attack on 14-year-old girl by gang of Syrian migrants!’
Appeal following Southwark rape
As pensioner millions told they can't cash in annuities, man responsible appeals for sympathy! 
Iranian pizza shop workers charged with drugging, raping and prostituting our little girls
INFORMATION BLACKOUT: Calais child migrant questions Home Office refuses to answer
'Child' migrants strain the care system and British children pay the price!
Annuities debacle and how 5million Britons have been ripped off and betrayed
French President admits there are too many migrants and says Obama to blame for rise of ISIS
Clinton campaign contractor is a felon who visited the White House 342 times!
Alex Jones warning to the Hillary Clinton cult
Swedish city plans free driver’s license, housing & tax perks for returning Jihadis!!!
Muslim woman 'strangled to death in hotel by lover she met on Islamic dating site'
'They want to replace us!' Marine Le Pen says Islamic law threatening to oust French law
SWEDEN: Asylum seeker admits killing wife in front of daughter but BEGS not to be sent home Now 49 MPs support bid to strip Shifty Green of knighthood
Sir Shifty 'still hasn't submitted a plan to rescue BHS pensions'!
Brother of Boney M singer ordered contract killing of Muslim preacher
ANYONE can buy a British passport for £2,000 on crooked websites
PC GONE MAD? No age tests for foreign migrants but ‘hugely intrusive’ tests for Brits
London borough council admits immigration has pushed social house waiting time to 50 YEARS!
British Muslim cleric tells government ‘BAN the burka’ claiming head scarf is ‘un-Islamic’
Town hall chief say they'll take away benefits from any who fail age tests
PC wagtail, Gary Lineker, sparks Twitter - blasts 'heartless' treatment of child migrants
Hapless Eurocrat Juncker faces no confidence vote in EU!

Wednesday 19 October

When Mosul falls, ISIS flees to Syria = Assad + Putin v Total ISIS - Washington laughs!
The Tories just tried to sneak out the biggest EVER privatisation of the NHS!
NEWCASTLE: Jodie Wilkinson, 27, stabbed to death, man fights for life, after 11-man attack
14-year-old schoolgirl sexually assaulted in Newcastle park by Muslims
Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to accept Syrian refugees
In Israel, what do Jews do with African asylum seekers? They deport them to Sweden!
Clinton email: We must destroy Syria for Israel!
High schooler records teacher’s racism lecture: ‘To be white is to be racist, period’
HEADS ROLL: Democratic Operative FIRED After O'Keefe Video Exposé
Hillary - Worse than Nixon's Watergate
UCLA students should down mother whose son was killed by illegal alien!
Pension blow for five million: Treasury U-turn means retirees are stuck with their rip-off annuities  
Troubled families and the £1 billion wasted on the vanity of politicians 
600 elderly patients fall every day in hospitals because of poor care 
So what age checks ARE they doing? 371 'child' asylum seekers last year were adults
Two thirds of 'child' refugees coming into Britain are actually ADULTS
Sir Shifty wants us to sympathise with HIM! BHS collapse has given him a 'horrible time!'
301 wild mammal species in peril after being 'consumed to extinction' by enriching diversity types
If the Kiwi Dame was a tartar, why not say so? Fears over Goddard were raised 6 months ago
Ethnic top cop crushed career of a junior officer in row over supposed ‘macho’ culture
CALAIS: Journalist 'raped by knife-wielding migrants' at Jungle camp
‘You wanted him gone’ Hard-pressed Khan left squirming over Met Commissioner’s resignation
Are Millennials hopeless?
'What's your problem?' Emily Thornberry snaps at BBC host over 'diverse' Shadow Cabinet

Tuesday 18 October

8 violent Asians gang raped and 'sexually degraded' teenage girls in Rotherham! 
UK lawmakers push to outlaw criticism of Zionism!
Check out the children of fighting age our enemies are beckoning in to the country
Yorkshire's man and woman of the year? Asian and Black
Secondary schools 'crippled' by baby boom fuelled by migration!
Calais migrants ATTACK news reporters with stones and knives for filming bid for Britain
National Poll: Trump leading 67% to Hillary’s 19% of 50,000 voters
Rigging the Election! (Part 1) Clinton Campaign and DNC incite violence at Trump rallies
Farage says people will STILL vote Trump despite allegations
Obama calls for censorship of the internet
The birth of Cultural Marxism: How the "Frankfurt School" changed America
Brexit case 'of fundamental constitutional importance'
'We will hang you!' Antifascists attack traditional family supporter
Three teenagers arrested after ‘woman is gang-raped on beach’
Muslim woman lashed 23 times for breaking Sharia law by being 'close' to her boyfriend
Desperate British women selling 'survival sex' for £10
GERMANY: Migrant arrested after 90-year-old grandma raped while returning from church
Jeremy Paxman slams White House candidate Clinton as 'machine-washable politician'
MPs warned 'will of the people' MUST trump calls for Parliament's consent over Brexit
'The Euro is FINISHED!' Currency's creator says it will soon COLLAPSE and destroy the EU
"Blacks are in charge" in Germany: Female employees told to avoid central areas after dark
TREASON: Feminists side with Muslims against disabled Swedish Gang Rape Victim
"Racist! There's only one master and that's Allah!" French teacher beaten up because he disciplined Muslim child
Police hunt man after girl, 11, sexually assaulted on London bus

Monday 17 October

Louise Mensch says Trump voters are the "scum of the earth!"
Vulnerable schoolgirl 'raped by at least 60 men after being preyed upon by Asian grooming gang!'
Trump accuses Clinton's 'Democrat animals' of sick FIREBOMB ATTACK on Republican HQ
Now top cops are blaming VICTIMS for being burgled!
Theresa May 'to pump BILLIONS into EU AFTER Brexit to stay in single market?'
Mayor of resort town PLEADS for Merkel to help as migrants 'take over and assault locals!'
British UFO conspiracist found dead after he 'was set to expose Government cover-up'
SAS hero killed ISIS beast with AXE just before he abuses sex slaves
I am trying to delay Brexit, admits Clegg!
Bankers and brokers are the most likely to cheat on their partners
PHILLIPS: Former race boss wags his tail for Zion!
CHELSEA CLINTON: 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!'
Lily Allen is slammed for making offensive 'gypo' joke!

Sunday 16 October

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to expose an unprecedented American media conspiracy
Ex-Jihadi dad of Lily Allen boy claimed asylum then went back to Afghanistan on holiday 
Ex Tory MP, Louise Mensch, says Trump voters are the "scum of the earth!"
Jon Voight DESTROYS George Soros, Crooked Hillary and BLM
NO CRIME! Swedish court legalises flying the ISIS flag!
TRUMP: “Clinton meets in secret with banks to plan destruction of sovereignty!"
A US soldier met Hillary Clinton - She wasn't impressed
Gang rammed parked car before attacking occupants in a targeted hit. One man dead
Jeremy Corbyn says MPs are politicising anti-Semitism as weapon against Labour!
MoD and the despicable betrayal of an SAS hero over 'mercy killings'
Parents hit out at 'Kardashian-style celebrity culture'
300 child refugees living in ‘Jungle’ to arrive here ‘within days!’
Complaints of ill-treatment by Iraqis accused of butchering captured British soldiers
If you want a revolution... The people spoke on Brexit but MPs ignore them - Could get nasty
HITCHENS: The falling pound is NOTHING to do with your vote for freedom  
Jess Ennis-Hill sneered at Ched Evans two years ago - Daily Mail sneers at payback 
Illegal immigrants given £2,000 to leave as UK!
Christian boy confronted by 80 Muslims wanting him hanged for Facebook post on Islam
Establishment politicians must not ignore Brexit vote, blasts Nigel Farage

Saturday 15 October

Six Jewish companies control 96% of the world’s media!
Royal Air Force ordered to shoot down Russian jets!
NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, admits "They bus people around to vote!"
Great Barrier Reef DEAD in 2016? Death is here after 25million years
O'Keefe: Feingold Says Clinton to Use 'Executive Order' on Guns
The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere
Alongside Merkel, Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria's president, says his wife "belongs to my kitchen!" What refugees have done to Paris streets!
17 new schools needed in Bradford by 2020 for 8,000 extra pupils - Immigration responsible
Remoaner kills Brexiteer! (The Global Few encourage stupid and nasty)
Brexiteer died HOURS after being battered by ‘bully’ Remainer neighbour!
"Carer" stole £500,000 - Ma Rowena Laysa Manuel sought
Mohammad Abdullah, who deliberately ran over victims, gets just 6 years (out in 3) 
Autistic boy attacked and stabbed by "Asian" gang
CAMBRIDGE: Libyan cadets gang rape man and woman. Now they want asylum here!
'Racist' Polish sisters brutally attack British women! NO JAIL! (Judge Timothy Mort)
Only in Britain is it thought racist to put locals FIRST!
"The most important WikiLeak" - How Wall Street built the Obama Cabinet
Former Tory politician pitched Ad to Hillary Clinton campaign
WikiLeaks exposes Soros millions pushing to undermine Catholics
Lily Allen calls a Jewish chap, "NAZI!"
EU migrants living in the UK launch campaign to hit back at 'hard Brexit'
Germany has taken in too many migrants! Now Europe must PROTECT itself, warns expert
Hungarian PM Orban warns Brussels migrant quotas is 'tearing eurozone apart'
Remoaners: Are you FOR Britain or AGAINST Britain?
Black actors are too often overlooked? (Guardian article - nuff said)

Friday 14 October

Home Office covered up Dame Lowell Goddards 'racist' remark! (UK has so many paedos 'because it has so many Asian men!'
Millions face pension misery: Workers will have to wait even LONGER to get State cash
Foreign murderers and sex attackers are NOT deported as police FAIL to carry out checks
Thousands of lung cancer patients 'being denied life-extending drug on NHS'
BREXIT: Out of touch elite will do anything to keep us in the EU
“Americans will be nostalgic for Donald Trump’s moderation!”
Academics 'queuing to quit SA'
WikiLeaks showing Clinton serving Israel interests by supporting war v Assad
Nigerian women paid to their babies free on the NHS!
America's Green candidate for President says a vote for Hillary is a vote for war!
‘Those who insult Islam MUST DIE!’ Undercover footage of former Tory candidate
Jewish-American arrested in Kansas for Questioning Israel’s Crimes
Leaked: Democrats plan to pin rape hoax on Trump
Thornberry jeered on Question Time for saying Brexiters 'voted to take their neighbour's job!'
MPs to vote on whether Sir Philip Green should lose knighthood
Hillary's State Department refused to brand Boko Haram as terrorists!
TOOTING: Can you identify this rapist?
Five children dead as rebels shell government-controlled area in Aleppo (BBC/Skye/ITV silence)
MERKEL'S HUMILIATION: Her own party calls for coalition with far-right AfD
Seething MPs blast ‘biased’ BBC for picking more than 200 pro-EU experts to discuss Brexit

Thursday 13 October

Francois Holland: France has 'a problem with Islam!!!'
French PM ‘under Jewish influence,’ ex-minister charges
Deutsche Bank collapse will crash entire world financial system!
Hillary’s campaign rocked as e-mails reveal friends 'given priority' for contracts!
President Hollande admits 'France has a problem with Islam!'
MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED...Before It's Too Late
Labour wants illegal all-Black and all-LGBT parliamentary short lists
Ghastly Lily Allen apologises for Britain to Calais refugee!
Lily Allen claims she'd welcome refugee into her home
Harjit Singh jailed after attempting to rape Down's Syndrome woman
Aqil Ali carried out two-hour rape in broad daylight
Bill Clinton mocks Trump fans as "standard Rednecks"
Unilever accused of exploiting British shoppers after demand for 10% price increase
Calamity Ed is a numpty. Why should we listen to this walking disaster zone?
Probe BBC over Brexit bias: Eurosceptics demand investigation into 'stream of negativity' 
Boris slammed by ex-MI6 chief over his call for protests outside the Russian embassy
Don't trust e-cigarette studies, says Cancer Research
Chilling 999 call made by gay serial killer
Andrew Neil SLAPS DOWN Tory MP calling for a Parliamentary Brexit vote
MP blasts Lily Allen after she APOLOGISES on behalf of UK to child refugees in Calais
Jewish-American arrested in Kansas for questioning Israel’s crimes!
Sturgeon to brand Brexiteers as 'XENOPHOBES' in bid to prevent hard Brexit
UK main destination for slaves with women being trafficked and cheap illegal labour
Lesbian teacher faces being struck off after affair with student
Hillary’s campaign rocked as e-mails reveal friends 'given priority' for contracts

Wednesday 12 October

Clinton campaign email outlines effort 'to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry!'
The Wikileaks bombshell you never heard about
Intellectuals are helping Islamise the West, top scholar warns!
Asperger's sufferer, 15, hanged himself after sexual abuse by Muslim carer
Over half of fish caught in UK waters landed by EU boats!
Half of us are clueless when it comes to simple money sums!
HOLLAND: Nationalist leader in Dutch polls demands his nation QUITS EU
Theresa May has private meeting with Rupert Murdoch
PUNK legend, Dame Vivienne Westwood, brands Hillary Clinton 'evil' and a 'war mongerer!'
WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign pays journalists to publish 'talking points'
Media polling fully exposed – That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 point poll
Trump was right all along about Khizr Khan! Hillary Doesn’t want you to see this
LONDON: Primary school teacher Aqsa Carvalho kept machine gun in underwear drawer
Channel 4, CNN (and BBC) promote Allepo lies
The US keeps making excuses for Saudi crimes in Yemen
What happens when you try and go in the 'secret back gate' to Area 51?
Emily Thornberry hammered over Labour's stance on migration
Migrant youths' reign of terror OVER as vigilantes attack thugs
Sweden is feeling the strain as number of asylum seekers soar
'It’s free trade or a trade WAR’ Tory MP slaps down Angela Merkel

Tuesday 11 October

TERROR WARNING: British school threatened with massacre of all non-Muslim pupils!!!
Stuck on Stupid: Why is America is Starting WW3?
ORGREAVE: Cops told to hit miners with 'as much force as possible!'
FINANCIAL CRISIS: Bank of America issues terrifying worldwide recession warning
Eurozone banks in DEEP trouble: Wall Street bankers issue warning
EU has allowed ‘WOLVES’ who threaten the West into Europe, Syrian nun warns
Islam like ‘gangrene’ - wearing burka is 'serious crime’ says French presidential candidate! No description of the UBER driver - I wonder why not?
Academic murder: African savage sent to nuthouse
Why was knife maniac free to kill top doctor, asks distraught widow
SPALDING: 14-year-olds stabbed mum and daughter to death
Woman sexually assaulted by "Asian" who broke in through unsecured window
HAMBURG: Young mum sexually assaulted by Mediterranean-looking men in front of child
Labour set for WIPEOUT as voters reject open door migration pledge
Farage predicts US election shock as he claims 'little people' will rise after Brexit
News sites stop polling readers on Clinton/Trump debate winner!
Scots have 'better quality of life than English' as they're liberal, says EU!
Ed Miliband BLASTED by angry viewers as he demands MPs get a vote on hard Brexit
Juncker is a 'jumped up Luxemb*****r' says Brexit-backing John Cleese
One in 10 five-year-olds has a weight problem?

Monday 10 October

DPP Alison Saunders says people will be prosecuted for abusive behaviour online
Adverts for troops who 'have to be black'
How the GOP sabotaged Trump’s voter registration drive
15-year-old girl dies in hospital week after Syrians dump her in stairwell
Swedish establishment covers up gang rape
POLL: Vast majority of Republicans support Trump after 'lewd comments'
Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt 'f***ing ree-tards!'
Corbyn in the words of his new top team!
Corbyn's pet Baroness opposes grammar schools despite son attending selective school!
Richard and Judy attack Corbyn Baroness as she sends son to £19K PRIVATE school
At least we know that this man will never be in power
'Bitter' Ken Clarke slams decision to hold EU referendum and MOCKS Brexiteer Liam Fox
'Ignore liberal left' Katie Hopkins welcomes 'hard Brexit' and an END to 'open borders'
Brexit must mean the RETURN of our border controls
EU superstate plot intensifies as Brussels presses on with plans for own PROSECUTOR
Who's behind the war in Syria?
Gandhi statue to be removed from Ghana University after they realise he didn't like Blacks
Jewish lesbian brands Trump 'inheritor to Hitler' at Emmys
Chuck Norris states crazy Clinton will destroy US Republic

Sunday 9 October

Cardinal says the goal of Islam is world conquest and Western leaders are helping it!
Twitter censors 32 of Donald Trump's tweets! Deletes another!
DID YOU VOTE FOR THIS? All 3.5m EU migrants living here 'will be allowed to stay!
Labour is now the nasty party says former Home Secretary David Blunkett
Almost 400 ISIS jihadis trained in Iraq and Syria are now at large on Britain's streets 
Extreme views are becoming the mainstream in Britain and Europe
BOMBSHELL MIGRATION REPORT: 2,000 schools need to be built in the UK!
Wikileaks exposes Hillary Clinton's 'open borders' mindset
PEOPLE POWER: Marine Le Pen praises Brexit and insists Europe 'will REJECT EU'
HITCHENS: This isn't a revolution - It's New Labour in a blue frock 
Terror on the tram: Passenger has neck sliced open by black savage
Black savage beat and raped strangers at knifepoint in broad daylight
Pensioner slashed with blade by savage who tried to sell him drugs!
Saudi airstrike kills 82 at Yemen funeral and injures 500
University considers BANNING 's***' God Save The Queen! (It's 'far right')
'She's talking hogwash' LBC host slams Diane Abbott who brands Brexit voters 'racist'
Foreign firm shrinks Terry's Chocolate Orange by 10 percent but price remains the same

Saturday 8 October

Interview with Ricky Vaughn - on his suspended Twitter account
BOMBSHELL MIGRATION REPORT: 2,000 schools need to be built in the UK!
Thousands of illegal migrants easily sneak through Britain's 'porous' borders
WIKILEAKS: Podesta emails
WIKILEAKS: Democrats admit Muslims unemployable/lies pedalled to brainwashed Germans!
The Podesta emails: part one
Clinton spent $500 million training Syrian rebels and got nowhere
"You are animals! You are pigs!" Muslims call for Jihad in London
SHARIA LAW OFFICIAL! Shamim Qureshi will be first in UK to rule on cases
Banker Sanjay Nijhawan, who stabbed wife 124 times, guilty of manslaughter only?
Black savage beat and raped strangers at knifepoint in broad daylight!
RAPE! Black savage 'may have victims across the Midlands'
Romanian immigrant kept trafficked victims in conditions suitable for rats
We'll punish the UK for Brexit, says Hollande
'It's time to STOP this propaganda' Marine Le Pen SLAPS DOWN BBC journalist over Brexit
PEOPLE POWER: Marine Le Pen praises Brexit and insists Europe 'will REJECT EU'
Merkel bans EU migrants claiming benefits a day after attacking UK for doing same?
'She's talking hogwash' LBC host slams Diane Abbott who brands Brexit voters 'racist'
UKIP comfortably win Labour seat in by-election despite Steven Woolfe altercation
French revolution as yet another town REFUSES migrant quota after locals rebel
Trump sexually objectifies women v Iraq/Syria/Libya/corruption/emails/Wikileaks
Creepy top cop sues to get his job back 
Labour peer turns down job (£160,000 salary/Mayfair mansion) because men paid even MORE
The myth of the battle of Cable Street
LBC host mocks Brexiteers for 'believing in fairies'

Friday 7 October

Why are the US and UK governments waging war in Syria?
Student Anthony Walgate drugged and murdered by gay serial killer, Stephen Port
DIVERSITY! Lodger stabs four! Mother-of-3 and partner dead
BIRMINGHAM: Six stabbings in just six weeks leaves two dead
Black savage stabbed people for fun during Hyde Park water fight
Mother-of-4 falsely claimed £35,000 in benefits to buy a second home
Hunt is on for convicted sex attacker, Qaiser Chaudhry
Black pulls knife at Moor Street Station, Birmingham
MIGRATION FURY: Reception centre 'sprayed with bullets in act of violent protest'
White girl, 9, beaten, sexually assaulted and tormented by migrants - School covers up!
Christian tortured and forced to listen to sister being gang-raped by Pakistani Muslims
Hillary’s biggest fan avoided paying $65 BILLION in taxes
Cultural enrichment via LibLabCon
'British jobs for British kids' Nick Ferrari slaps down journalist in FURIOUS rant
LITTLEJOHN: Welcome to Britain? What my Mum's ordeal at Heathrow Airport says about us
Corbyn promotes the Jezzabelle crew
HAMMOND: We might have to compromise on migration? (Here comes the betrayal)
Blair plans return to front line politics? To save Labour? He's nuts!
I confess: I once blacked up in Ali Baba. Now drag me before the historical offences tribunal!
Merkel tells UK to ACCEPT free movement if it wants part of single market

Thursday 6 October

WW3 almost guaranteed says fear-mongering US General! (Elect Trump, Putin likes him)
Gaddafi agreed free elections - Clinton ignored him - ISIS took over - Thousands died
'You cannot lead people you loathe': Mike Pence twists the knife in Clinton
TREASON! Muslim kids get weapons training courtesy of Tory government!
US: Israel broke its word on new settlements!
SWEDEN: Assaulted girl must leave school - She's too blonde and beautiful!
Britain may be an Islamic nation within 20 years!
Student Anthony Walgate drugged and murdered by gay serial killer, Stephen Port
Imran Khan stabbed his care worker wife EIGHT TIMES because she looked after men
Young woman punched in the head as she waited to cross street in unprovoked attack
ROAD RAGE: Davern Pinnock gets life after stabbing Jumaine Miller
Lithuanian lorry driver smashes into the back of a car causing front to disintegrate
Jagjeevan Mann hit 3 people after falling asleep at wheel - NO JAIL!
Mudasser Nadeem fakes insanity to get into Bradford hospital - Assaults staff, patient
Police looking for sex offender Obaid Aslam thought to be in Luton
Drug dealer who took bath in £20 notes faces more jail time
Police shoot 'Arabic ex-soldier' in the leg after he stabs two officers
Muslim rapists in Sweden ‘enjoy impunity’ – Amnesty International
DETROIT: Teenager killed WWII veteran, 91, by setting him on fire
Welcome to the new Sweden
University researcher killed by rock throwers in Ethiopia
'All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped!'
Juncker BEGS EU leaders to help save Brussels
How our rulers transformed into 'debt-based parasites': A repeating tale of societal ruin
Sir Shifty's multi-millionaire best pal in 'Britain's biggest divorce!'

Wednesday 5 October

US seeks to enforce global dominance by unleashing war on countries who oppose it – Assad
More than 70% of doctors struck off in Britain are trained abroad!
New study links birth control to depression!
The Jewish origins of the Open Borders movement
Albanian immigrant stabbed 21-year-old to death to prove he was a man!
Hungarian intelligence analyst on Muslim Army ready to attack Europe
Tom Webb’s mother on moment she watched CCTV of her son being stabbed to death in Derby
Hackney: CCTV of suspect after girl, 11, was grabbed on way to school
Black grandma jailed for cruelty towards 5 children including dead granddaughter
Eddie Osborn strangled his ex-partner in a sickening domestic attack
HACKNEY: Girl, 11, grabbed from behind by black stranger
CCTV footage shows ethnic gang bottling have-a-go hero as he tries to save victim
Jobless Romanians lured fellow migrant to the UK, then charged him £500 to sleep on sofa
Would you dare track down and confront a thief who stole your phone?
May savages the liberal elite and condemns those who sneer at ordinary Britons
'French nuclear subs contract' BETRAYS British steelworkers, blasts union boss
Irrelevant NONENTITY, Tim Farron, claims Brexiteers are full of 'fantasies'
Free Speech Crackdown! EU orders British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims
The Poor Man’s Atom Bomb
AUSTRALIA: African refugee rapes teenage girl - NO JAIL!

Tuesday 4 October

Traumatic experiences as a child can shorten your life: Stress speeds up body's ageing process
‘Deal with the devil’: US ‘ready to ally with terror’ to overthrow Assad – Russia Foreign Ministry
A brief overview of Thomas Dalton's "The Holocaust: An Introduction"
22 minicab rapes a week in London!
Refugee, Mufiz Rahaman, who raped boy, 10, says it's not a crime! (Acceptable in his country)
Husband and wife convicted of fundraising for terrorism
Police hunt for Middle Eastern man after series of sex attacks on London buses
I fought off black sex beast in minicab, Chris Huhne’s daughter reveals
Young Muslims who quit the faith 'live in fear of violent revenge'
Mysterious polio-like illness has left more than 100 children paralysed across America
'Biased' BBC! Newsnight ‘chooses pro-EU panel' to discuss impact of Brexit
'Hillary is done' - Warning for Clinton as Julian Assange set for major announcement
Le Pen and Trump? France’s NF leader ‘shows support for White House hopeful’
Serbia to close borders to migrants as it blames EU for causing ‘blocked funnel’ of people
Greek pensioners tear-gassed in street for protesting anti-austerity rules
EU will be RIPPED APART by ‘totally unrealistic’ migrant quota
'Merkel MUST GO' Germany in FLAMES as furious locals torch cars and attack mosque
EU will be RIPPED APART by ‘totally unrealistic’ migrant quota
Prince Charles' grandmother buried in Jerusalem? Who knew?
We'll change law to kick out criminals: No need to wait until Brexit to remove rapists and killers!
Pakistani shot dead his sister in 'honour killing' because she married a Christian
Is prostitute's son Bill Clinton's love child?
Was £8.5m Kardashian heist an inside job? East European gang tipped off by security?

Monday 3 October

Religious wars set to rip Europe apart
Quarter of a million children receiving mental health care in England!
Syria: The reality...
Sadiq Khan 'forced out Met commissioner to in show of power!'
Five schools still open despite Islamic extremist fears
Bill O'Reilly exposes Hillary sponsor, George Soros
"There are 7m Americans, including foreigners, who are registered to vote in multiple states!"
Hungary referendum: EU humiliated as 95% say no to migrant quotas
'SEND THEM BACK!' Fuming Czech leader orders Brussels to DEPORT economic migrants!
We should pick our own fruit and veg! Foreigners should not be doing it, says Andrea Leadsom
'THAT’S RACIST!' Corbynistas blast comedienne over Diane Abbott TV impression
Whinging Farron on PM’s Brexit vow
Brussels bureaucrat Martin Schulz ‘to be AXED as MEPs gang up to limit presidential terms!’
Hispanic films white woman being beaten over Trump yard sign
Sadiq Khan 'forced out Met commissioner to in show of power!'
George Soros hacked info leaked online?
Illegal driver who killed 12-year-old girl was Obama amnesty recipient with prior drug arrest
Merciless Iraqi housewife ‘beheads and COOKS ISIS fighters’
Search for missing RAF man Corrie McKeague widened
The U.S. has entered the false flag window
Gay Tory warns government not to be swayed by '3 blind mice' Brexiteers

Sunday 2 October

General Dannat admits the Iraq war was a Biblical mistake!
How George Soros singlehandedly created the European refugee crisis?
BBC sacked me for being a white man... even though I work in radio
‘She opened the door to ISIS and Islamic terrorism!’ Farage slams Merkel
Inside story of how the BBC failed Jimmy Savile's victims
Shimon Peres: Netanyahu would have started Iran war!
African immigrant soldier sues MoD for £200,000+ over ‘very cold and wet conditions’ in training!
'Hard Brexit’ is the best way to fight global protectionism 
Sorry, Hillary Clinton’s the one who’s unfit for the White House
HITCHENS: Is the 'unbiased' BBC really trying to start a war?  
Black savage assaulted a cop but was freed to murder much-loved lecturer
Three members of same Asian family jailed for street robberies
TOOTING: Woman stabbed and slashed by savage - CCTV
'Corruption of a single senior manager left HBOS exposed to a potential loss of £375million' 
BBC Trust vice-chair criticised over role in defence company
Hungary set for landslide win over EU as voters see referendum as huge ‘NO to Brussels'
Top general calls for Marines to defend Channel from migrants

Saturday 1 October

Webster Tarpley: CIA/MI6/Mossad death squads behind Syria bloodbath?
Loan interest rip-off leaves students with £50,000 of debt!
Mandelson and the Despots!
Brexit saw a discredited ruling elite crushed. QUENTIN is optimistic about the future
15,696 murders in America in 2015 - Nonwhite savages mostly responsible
Rapper calls for the BEHEADING of Nigel Farage and dubs Queen a ‘w****’!
UKIP leader spat at by left-wing thugs
Virginia Democrat registers 19 dead people to vote for Hillary!
MURDER! Adam Akhtar charged with murder of Wesley Lennon, 18
MURDER! Kyle Hand stabbed to death in March - Jovan Martin gets 27 years for his murder
MURDER: Ridwaan Shaikh charged with killing 21-year-old Bradley Cresswell
Man critical after being stabbed by mixed race man in Bournemouth street!
Ahmed Mohammed gets 10 years for Feltham slash attack
More cultural enrichers jailed following Southwark council housing fraud
German cops accused of 'cover-up' over alleged sex attack by migrant on teen girl
Muslim took selfies with girl, 14, before sexually assaulting her
Conman Faisal Madani duped a Mayfair restaurateur into handing over £81,000
Syrian claimed £10,000 in UK benefits whilst living in Syria
Neville Gillespie died after visit to dentist, Roya Doane
Police in Malmö ask for help - We are drowning in homicides
Secret 1940s files expose many Jews who terrorised Palestine
Volunteers by day, terrorists by night: The double life of White Helmets
‘Voting is rigged and used to pacify the public’ says Ron Paul!
Bernie Sanders blew the whistle during the campaign!
At every opportunity, a pound of flesh: turning USA into a debt prison!
Denmark to Become 'Magnet for Child Brides?'
Coronation Street star, Marc Anwar, calls for India to be declared a terrorist state 
South Africa big shot Julius Malema arrested at Heathrow for trafficking drugs!
We voted Brexit, so let's get on with it: IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
Global water pollution reached frightening high

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