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Sunday 4 December

Black savage raped Karen Hale's body before bludgeoning mum and pet dog to death
EU officials’ daughter raped and drowned in river by Afghan immigrant
20-strong Asian gang launch 'barbaric' attack on lone man in Lincoln
Tower Hamlets teacher, Hamza Tariq, condoned Charlie Hebdo terror attack in front of pupils
Senior Conservatives want Marine Le Pen to win!
Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men?
Britain BANS heroic Christian bishops
Isolated British Muslims so cut off from rest of society they see the UK as 75% Islamic
STATINS: Millions taking controversial heart drug UNNECESSARILY!
ISIS fighters have entered UK posing as migrants & will STRIKE next
‘I’m truly AFRAID’ Humiliated Merkel is confronted by dad TERRIFIED at migrant influx
Don't play Mr Nice Guy with EU by going 'soft Brexit!'
Jeremy Corbyn attacks ‘alarming rise’ of Ukip, Trump and Le Pen
CALAMITY CORBYN: Labour on brink of OBLIVION as UKIP and Lib Dem support surges
Foreign aid giant snaffles £329million of taxpayers' cash
"Jews and blacks, they get a discount!" says Jewish actress

Saturday 3 December

Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men?
The 'Single Market' is not a market at all! It's political and ensures the EU remains in control
Anti-discrimination watchdog says it's OK to send gays death threats! But only if you're Muslim
Edward Heath abuse claims: Police defend investigation
Taxpayer-funded CBC hails 'Beige Horizon' with no white people!
Europe heads for its first far-right leader since WW2? Freedom Party favourite to win in Austria!
Black savage gets 15 years for axe attack on PC Lisa Bates
Bishop accuses elitist C of E! Embarrassed by patriotism - Don't understand Brexiteers
British schoolgirl's testimony - Muslims threaten children with rape and violence
'Just GET ON with Brexit!' Labour MP brands Tony Blair 'MISGUIDED' for disrupting democracy
11 unaccountable judges (6 Europhiles) will could thwart will of the British on Brexit!
Judges turned Brexit vote into a 'FOOTNOTE' as law chief issues blistering warning
DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Why the free Press must shine a light on this unelected court 
An arrogant millionaire and why this LibDem win says nothing about Britain 
New Lib Dem MP walks of interview after facing difficult questions on opposition to Brexit
Labour has few safe seats left and could be crushed between UKIP and Lib Dems!
Afghanistan: Life before the USSR, America and the Taliban screwed it up
Still spouting poison? Daily Mail continues to 'pervert history' on behalf of the Holocaust Industry!
After rebels murder 45 in Aleppo, White Helmets make video saying Assad killed them
'Sign your own death warrant' - Furious Theresa May DARES Lords to vote down Article 50
‘You’re making a TERRIBLE mistake!’ Stephen Hawking slams Remain plot to keep Britain in EU

Friday 2 December

Largest paedophile ring in history! 70,000 members, heads of state - The rats scramble!
Four in ten British Muslims want Sharia Law enforced in UK!
'New era of peace': Trump vows to stop USA toppling regimes!
Donald Trump names ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as Defence Secretary
Donald Trump 'WILL build the wall' and he'll punish companies who leave the USA!
Nobel Prize-winning Nigerian throws away his US green card because Trump won presidency
'I will vote AGAINST Brexit,' says latest anti-democratic Lib Dem!
New Lib Dem used to say we must accept referendum vote! (Lying already? Sarah will do well!) 
Greg 'hideously-white' Dyke accuses Brexit voters of being 'little Englanders!'
Free movement has failed - Labour and the Unions must recognise it
May must stop dithering about Brexit – we voted out, now get on with it!
Man killed at immigration centre in Hillingdon - 3 migrants arrested for murder
Black savages get just 3 years 8 months for stabbing Francis Canning in the back
Outrage as judge says woman attacked by Yaqoob Alanezy was 'foolish' for drinking too much
JAILED: Greek millionaire 'sex bully' who attacked young women staff
Top name for a minicab rapist in the UK is Mohammed!
Cops order driver nearly killed when a MATTRESS flew into his car to pay £10,000 repairs!
LIBERALS outraged ‘White’ cop praised as hero for shooting Muslim refugee terrorist!
'We are NOT racist' Brexiteer blasts leftie Remoaner in epic Question Time take-down
NEWBURY: "White zone" posters spark police investigation

Thursday 1 December

£200MILLION: Cost of 60,000 migrants who began claiming Carers Allowance on arrival in UK!
'The EU is a DISASTER and Le Pen WILL WIN Presidency,' says Noam Chomsky
Unsent letter to President Hillary Clinton from 'feminist' Sweden!
Now even Electoral College voters are plotting to STOP Trump!
100,000 sign petition demanding Sir Shifty Green improves ‘derisory’ £250m pension offer!
Newsnight viewers lash out at 'all Democrat panel' for Trump debate
Fury as pupils are banned from RAISING THEIR HANDS in class at secondary school
A retired judge and her husband FORGED a family member's will to STEAL two cottages!
These numbers should SHUT UP liberals about the Electoral College once and for all?
Rutgers Professor taken to psychiatric hospital after Tweets threatening to kill Whites
An Open Letter to LBC’s James O’Brien
Boris Johnson calls for illegal immigrants to be granted the right to stay in Britain!!!
Ohio State knifeman was inspired by ISIS and Al Qaeda
Black Lives Matter activist calls presenter a “white supremacist”
Erdogan: Turkish forces are in Syria to end Assad's rule? (To kill Kurds more like)
Kelloggs has, in effect, boycotted Breitbart.com for political reasons
'They voted to LEAVE' John Humphrys tears into Lib Dem peer over Brexit
London will seek SEPARATE Brexit deal with EU, warns Mayor Sadiq Khan
Backlog of European migrants applying to live in Britain 'TREBLES post-Brexit'
Martin Schulz offers 'unconditional support' to Georgia amid rising tensions with Russia
“God, she (Cherie Blair) is revoltingly arrogant with her mansions and greedy freak of a husband!”
Eric Bristow is yet another victim of the Twitter mob, says LEO McKINSTRY

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