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Sunday 18 March

Air ambulance called to more stabbings/shootings than road accidents in Sadiq Khan's London!
Child sex crimes soar by 30% in Sadiq Khan's London as anger over grooming grows
Court cases against 20+ abusers in Telford were discarded because they were 'too much trouble'
Maajid Nawaz blasts 'complicit' politicians and police in Pakistani grooming gang coverup!
The Thought Police came for Corbyn. You are next!
Man shot and stabbed to death in North London street
SOUTH AFRICA: 60,000 rapes are reported to the police each year!
Stoned to death in Afghanistan
Ross Kmp had to wear same body armour I wore in Syria for documentary on Birmingham
#DIVERSITY! Bus thug stabbed teen in the face after victim refused to pay knifeman's fare!
Three quarters of Germans says Islam does not belong to Germany!
Cops uncover Antifa-linked hoard of chemicals, explosives, mobile bomb factory in Germany
I was called 'Jewboy' in House of Lords, says Labour peer Lord Levy
Rose McGowan brands Harvey Weinstein a 'monster!'
China takes millions in aid from the UK, then hands it to... Russia

Saturday 17 March

12 years ago I published a book containing the Lowe family's story
Maajid Nawaz blasts 'complicit' politicians and police in Pakistani grooming gang cover up
Europe’s free-speech crackdown: Punish anti-Muslims, ignore terrorists
Rees-Mogg demands inquiry over civil servants 'hoodwinking' voters
Russian Ambassador says UK using poison attack to 'DIVERT' focus from Brexit
Outrage as crusader knight railway plaque deemed ‘culturally innappropriate!'
Egyptian teenager murdered by black girl gang was mistaken for Instagram 'troll' ‘Black Rose’
Why did Home Office place Parsons Green bomber with foster family even though he was trained by jihadis and hated Britain?
French cops arrest 8 illegal immigrants who stole cellphones after offering ‘free hugs!’
Muslim prayers at Oldham city council!
Barrie Singleton - Spoil Party
Merkel slaps down ally who said Islam had no place in Germany!
Merkel insists Islam is part of German culture - AGAIN!
Egyptian teenager murdered by black girl gang was mistaken for Instagram 'troll' ‘Black Rose’
Mexican cartel torches Michoacán after exposé triggered Kingpin's arrest
Honduran migrant pleads guilty to Islamic State plan to bomb Miami shopping mall
Student suspended for refusing to leave class during gun control walkout!
German teenager murdered - Afghan failed asylum seeker boyfriend arrested
Asylum-seeking Parson's Green bomber was trained by ISIS!
The bias of the man who shames democracy! OBORNE on BERCOW!
Establishment politicians hysterical after UKIP peer invites Tommy Robinson to parliament!
Polish Deputy Speaker claims EU is in greatest ever crisis
Is this Britain's biggest sex abuse cover-up of all?
Trump fires FBI deputy McCabe claiming he knew of 'corruption at the highest level
Ladies much more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other WOMEN? (Are those who say this gay?)

Friday 16 March

Saleem Said stabbed ex-lover Leanne Collopy 21 times, doused her with petrol and set her alight
Brutal family of slavemasters ('travellers' again) jailed for 29 years
£19,000 SCAM! Grenfell fraudster lived in 5-star hotel room 'filled to bursting' with donations!
Britain First leader Paul Golding attacked in prison!'
Secondary student numbers to rise by 600,000+ by 2023 due to immigration baby boom!
Is your DEODORANT making you ill?
JACK STRAW: 'Young, white girls are EASY MEAT!'
THOUGHT POLICE ban Tommy Robinson from Speakers' Corner!
BLACKMAIL! Turkey gets 3 billion euros more to continue migrant deal!
MPs spent £84,000 'fact-finding' trip to USA to investigate 'fake news!'
Facebook deletes Britain First accounts
Oxford Uni’s philosophy faculty decrees 40% of authors on reading lists must be female!
Black serial killer-rapist (of old, white ladies) we've never heard of executed in USA
Israeli forces ransack Muslim's cemetery
German Interior Minister: 'Islam doesn’t belong to Germany!'

Thursday 15 March

Why did 10,000 more Britons die in first 7 weeks of 2018 than usual? (NOT bad weather/flu)
770,000 people in the UK cannot speak English!
Microplastics found in more than 90 PERCENT of popular brands of bottled water!
DUMBED-DOWN NATION! A third of us incapable of counting change we're given!
Telford top cop says child sex abuse was 'consensual?'
Telford top cop says scale of victims in the sex abuse scandal has been 'SENSATIONALISED!'
Telford child sex scandal should be headline news on the front-page of every #MSM newspaper!
Closing down free speech in the UK
A Tory government is banning journalists for being right-wing?
SWEDEN: Pensioner charged with hate for saying Muslim migration will lower nation's IQ!
Raped daughter forced into Islamic marriage for money and visa!
Sargon of Akkad: The YouTube purge
UK tops league of shame for unhealthy children!
Political correctness is hurting our young men!
Still too ill to be investigated over male escorts, Mr Vaz?
The terrifying rise of the 'social media' drug, Xanax
Friend of poisoned Yulia Skripal doubts 'Russian Government was behind the attack!'
She says 'no!' Then Israel Tshikeva rapes her on first date! ,
Gender-bending chemicals used in moisturisers/make-up cause deadly illnesses in DOGS
Stepmother who cried crocodile tears confesses to killing her 8-year-old stepson

Wednesday 14 March

Why is the BBC so reluctant to report on the horrific story of 1000 young girls, groomed, drugged, raped and murdered by predominantly Muslim gangs in Telford?
The child abuse cover up - A police whistleblower speaks!
UK’S worst grooming gang scandal: Telford whistleblowers punished, silenced, lost jobs
TELFORD: Lucy Allan, MP, says the BBC is not “standing up for white working class!”
'They said they'd rape my family and burn my house down!' Telford victim raped by 7 men!
Child stealing by the State: a social worker speaks!
UK: Wanted by the State: Your children!
Washington Post: Churchill was a mass murderer!
Savage jailed for London acid attacks!
Mr President, Britain needs your urgent intervention
Asylum-seeking Parsons Green terrorist told teacher it was his 'duty to hate Britain!'
Times’ Hugo Rifkind goes full soy boy over Bannon’s Europe tour
JUDGE: Acid attacks a 'growing problem' in Sadiq Khan's London!
Strictly heterosexual people don't exist, according to psychologist, Ritch Savin-Williams
Top New Zealand diplomat tells US Democrats to get their 's**t together or we will all die!'
Philip Green 'to sue' over bombshell biography written by 'disgusting' journalist!
Spanish cops arrest 150-strong Chinese human traffickers smuggling migrants to UK for £18,000

Tuesday 13 March

Mr President, Britain needs your urgent intervention
Father of murdered Telford teenager Lucy Lowe told to 'be careful' after grooming revelation!
Met policeman reveal scale of UK grooming cover up!
Victim of Telford grooming gang previously told how she was raped by evil cousins
The BBC’s shameful silence on the Telford sex scandal!
The truth about broken Britain
Vince Cable reported for 'hate crime' after accusing Brexit voters of being driven by racism!
Immigration chaos: New bill ‘won’t contain policy to reduce numbers’
NO REMORSE! Ziad Hamed twice the speed limit when he ignored a red light and killed Derek Raynor, 81, on zebra crossing!
Savage jailed for London acid attacks!
Man 'allowed FGM to be performed on his daughter as punishment'
Russia says Theresa May is triggering ‘DANGEROUS World War 3 fears!’
PUTIN: "Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews" responsible for subverting 2016 election?
EUROPA: The last battle!
Sadiq Khan's veiled threat to Facebook and Twitter - Must do more on “hate speech!”
LITTLEJOHN: Voting leave is racist then, St Vinny? Is it cos I is white?
Tesco's 'cynical' packaging - Made pack of beef look TWICE the size
Zoe Ball: Pressures of modern life are driving men to suicide
Peter Hitchens: The UK is a doomed society for young people
2016 - GRENADA: Tourist dragged off beach, raped and beaten to death by gang member

Monday 12 March

British folks could face up to 15 years in prison for repeatedly viewing 'far-right propaganda!'
A month of Islam and multiculturalism in Britain! February 2018
TELFORD: 18 years ago, Lucy was murdered alongside her mother/sister by Azhar Mehmood!
For over 40 years, traitor cops failed to Act as 1,000 girls were beaten, pimped, raped KILLED!
1,000 more children as young as 11 abused by Muslim rape gangs! Cops did nothing!
Mohammed Kabeer Malik gets 8 years for raping 'vulnerable' schoolgirl
15 members of enriching family net £1m taxpayer cash, claiming ALL lived in same Grenfell flat
Drug dealer jailed for role in £860k Pakistan heroin and crack cocaine gang!
Kenyan immigrant benefits cheat swindled £64,000 out of taxpayers!
Asylum seekers terrorised local fair in German town!
Arab gangs terrorise Berlin cops with threats and sex rumours
Serial killer stalked and murdered white men (And one old white woman)
We will continue to die in terror attacks 'for years to come,' admits EU’s Migration Commissioner!
Lib Dem contempt! Cable says Brexiteers driven by nostalgia for time when 'faces were white!'
Videos THEY want banned from YouTube
BANNON IN FRANCE: "History is on our side!"
Labour suspends Debbie Abrahams, MP, as party investigates claims she bullied staff
The specifically Jewy perviness of Harvey Weinstein
A scorecard of the number of Jewish men in the #MeToo headlines?
Woody Allen plays the anti-Semitism card to Escape #MeToo reckoning!
Concern over Hussien El-Maghraby's brain surgery!
Russian TV presenter says 'only the British stand to benefit' from Skripov poisoning!
South Africa's new president on side with leader who wants to 'cut the throat of whiteness'
Ken Dodd, legend of comedy, dies aged 90
Vatican looks to change mass migration narrative by highlighting positive stories!
Susan Sarandon says the casting couch won't go away

Sunday 11 March

STEVE BANNON: "Let them call you racist! Let them call you xenophobes! Let them call you Nativists! Wear it as a badge of honor because everyday we get stronger and they get weaker!"
BRITAIN NOW! Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED!
Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Rochdale sex ring, claims detective
PETITION! Immigration priority for South African farmers facing systematic land confiscation and murder!
GERMANY: Girl, 16, stabbed on dance floor by African immigrant!
Kurds say Syrian city of Afrin is being 'ethnically cleansed' by Turkish military!
Asif Mohammed used his car to run down two soldiers!
EU threatens to sue the UK if Trump exempts us from US steel/aluminium tariffs!
Judge issues FGM protection order to stop beast mum mutilating fourth daughter!
POLAND: Support for pro-EU opposition crumbles!
LBC host versus Cressida Dick!
Brighton council to give out 'pronoun badges' to educate we stupid folk on transgender ID
Tommy Robinson v six masked Antifa and he's a "right-wing thug?"
HITCHENS: We're goading Russia into a 'dirty war' we CANNOT win!
Shame of Bono's charity bullies!
Katie Piper's vile acid attacker could be FREED next month!
British cardinal sparks anger after telling Catholic schools not to encourage kids to change sex!
Drag queen who teaches toddlers about sexual tolerance posts abusive tweets!

Saturday 10 March

Britain's massive charity scam
Polish priest says ‘truth’ to Jews is ‘whatever serves their own interests!’
EU rule prevents British cops from probing MPs' finances!
Stephen Bannon to speak at Front National conference!
Church of Scotland is now saying: “Some men have vaginas and some women have penises!”
Non-Germans are twice as likely to be suspects in crimes!
Still at breaking point! EU braces for fresh migrant surge
Small Irish town forced to take 115 third world refugees!
Massive rise in missing sex offenders!
Romanian fugitive ('world's biggest bank robber') gets bail and disappears!
Liz Hurley's nephew fights for life after stranger stabs him in street - No description
Paedo, Mohammed Khalid, jailed for 4 years
Indian poured ACID on sleeping wife because she gave birth to daughters when he wanted a boy
Swedish woman who made online jokes about Islam could be jailed for 2 years!
Weinstein hit with $5M lawsuit by MALE victim who says he tried to rape him in a garage!
Paedo Royal Mail boss, 50, tried to lure 14-year-old virgin! NO JAIL!
OBORNE: It's time Mrs May took a leaf out of Trump's book
Police and crime chief calls for cannabis to be sold over the counter!
Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war!

Friday 9 May
Ex-Scotland Yard poster girl who won £37,000 racism payout from the Met, now sues watchdog for £144,000 worth of 'hurt feelings!'
Tony Blair wins the Abraham Lincoln Leadership Prize!
GERMANY: In 2017, despite Merkel's assurance of borders closure, 186,644 refugees imported!
Washington in shock! Trump ACCEPTS invitation to meet North Korean despot!
Steve Bannon says the EU leadership 'better start listening!'
The hidden truth about glyphosate EXPOSED, according to undeniable scientific evidence
VIENNA: Afghan asylum seeker stabbed four people because he was in a bad mood!
Punish Brexit voters? Ryanair's O'Leary changes his tune!
Now our little girls are hanging themselves!
One-legged Barking rapist, Mohammed Farah, jailed for raping girl, 15, in Stratford
One-legged Barking rapist, Mohammed Farah, jailed for raping girl, 15, in Stratford
Archbishop says he'd rather go to jail than report child abuse heard in confession!
AUSTIN MITCHELL: Don't let unpatriotic politicians betray our fishermen again
M25 rapist is dead! One beast less - REJOICE!
Untangling the JQ! From culture and identity to The Culture of Critique
Men are four times more likely to get cancer from ORAL SEX than women!
Just 1-in-10 asylum seekers arriving in Britain sent back to first arrival country due to EU rules!
Moped thieves pick on the wrong guy!
Is Canada's PM Justin Trudeau the world's most PC politician?
Men can be boorish - but that's not a hate crime!
Bake Off star Prue Leith voted for Brexit! Tells Tories to 'make it work!'

Thursday 8 May

EU demands access to UK fishing waters in exchange for limited trade deal
Asylum seeker who entered UK illegally wanted to cause 'maximum harm and carnage!'
Immigrants SCALP man and cut off his arm in French restaurant!
'Go Orbán!' Farage blasts EU for sanctioning Poland/Hungary, ignoring Catalonia violence!
Italian election aftermath: Renzi quits, Center-Left ‘disappears!’
Edward Gabbai (Gabbai = Synagogue warden) raped 3 women, filming one victim!'
Tucker Carlson rips activist for promoting LGBT indoctrination in schools
Liberal columnists mock parents opposing a lesbian Elsa in ‘Frozen 2’
‘Hate wins!’ Mike Huckabee forced off Country Music board for opposing gay ‘marriage!’
Radical leftist group is helping YouTube ‘flag’ content. Here’s why that’s concerning
‘Married’ lesbians sue U.S. Catholic bishops over rejection as foster ‘parents!’
Any conservative can tell you that simply stating facts can trigger enormous outrage!
Dick Morris, former friend and confidant of the Clintons, says...

Wednesday 7 May

Deaths from alcohol and substance misuse double in a decade
South Africa politician says: 'We are cutting the throat of whiteness!'
Communists ordered to work 'full tilt' to get Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street
May laments housing cris - Does not mention root cause - IMMIGRATION!
Kushner’s overseas contacts raise concerns!
Facebook asks: should we allow men to ask female children for sexual images?
'Hair-raising': Sharia law makes its debut in Swedish court!
"Unrelenting bigoted Leftist intimidation will not silence my (Sikh) voice!"
Sweden’s PM has admitted a link between gang violence and mass migration
NO 'no-go zones?' Sweden's PM is lying!
Regulator investigates Mirror (left-wing) takeover of Express (right-wing) newspapers
Women should not be able to hide their faces behind a veil in court
Cannabis factory + Grenfell = NO JAIL!
Flemish youth cares about its future!
Love letter to CNN

Tuesday 6 May

Black killer who stabbed white boy, 14, to death boasts about his cushy life in jail!
How to please the NWO! Killer flu pandemic could kill 33 MILLION people in the first 200 days!
London closes 500 churches; opens 423 new mosques!
Big Pharma Exec thinks aborted foetus cells in vaccines may cause autism?
Appeaser Theresa says EU will have a say in setting the UK’s migration policy after Brexit?
Record number of women convicted of sex crimes!
LITTLEJOHN: Don't blame us - it's the politicians' fault!
FRANCE: Illegal immigrant arrested for murder of homeless man!
Thousands of homes from London to Kent are STILL without water!
Jacob Rees-Mogg roasts 'aggressive' European Commission in Commons tirade!
UK and other member states to be FLOODED with criminals because of lax EU rules
Marine Le Pen calls immigration a 'THREAT' during attack on globalisation!
Berlin is heading back to the Middle Ages after surge of migrants!
Netanyahu aide agrees to turn state witness and testify against the Israeli PM
Paedo whistleblower, Melanie Shaw, jailed for two years by Secret Court!
POLAND: “Intentional” attack could be reason apartment building collapsed, leaving five dead!
Why did Trevor Baylis die in poverty?
Slash soppy speeches, ban ALL politics, unleash Ricky Gervais onto Hollywood’s elite!
Mel B's hubbie showed her kids videos of ISIS fighters beheading prisoners with chainsaws

Monday 5 March

CIA Director, William Casey, really did say: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false!" (1981)
Katie Hopkins: ‘The Great Replacement’ isn’t a myth – It’s happening right now, systematically!
Facebook and Google are 'enabling' smuggling gangs to pimp out their victims!
Merkel's real legacy? Lawless no-go areas where German tongue is a rarity!
Ben Garrison: "The war against the free speech of the Right will end badly!"
494 foreign criminals waiting to be deported fall off the radar!
Rapists and violent offenders 'roam free' as they await deportation from UK
Unwanted wolf-whistling at a woman is a hate crime, says Grimsby MP!
New York Times finally admits level of immigrant-related gang crime in Sweden!
CNN pushes 'Italy returns to Fascism' narrative!
ITALY - Populist surge but no right-wing majority!
Appeaser Theresa goes to bat for Brussels against Trump!
Italian election: 'A clear and obvious DEFEAT!' Europhile left admit DRASTIC loss!
'Remain has gone full throttle and it's made NO difference!' Hannan mocks with Brexit poll
'EXTORTIONATE' sum to fit ten GENDER neutral toilets in Home Office!
Millions miss out as they can’t get an appointment to see their doctor!
Nigel Farage congratulates Five Star Movement amid anti-EU SURGE
How shaming that former PMs obsessed with a fake Ireland row are now Brussels' useful idiots
Hundreds of charity shop workers are investigated over sexual harassment
Questions mount over Jared Kushner's financial dealings in Qatar
Arsenal star's homeless mum slept in a CRATE for 3 months as he earns £30,000-a-week!
Sir Roger Bannister was a humble hero who shames today's cynical sporting world

Sunday 4 March

LEICESTER EXPLOSION: Kurd, Hassan and Ali charged with manslaughter/arson
The EU is treating Britain like North Korea! Time we walked away?
For many years, the mainstream media has denied the existence of No Go Zones in Europe!
Italy needs to be 'guided' in migration's effect on 'change in the composition of the population!'
Italian election: 'Euroscepticism has never been so HIGH' Voters to take REVENGE on EU!
Italian election could spell the end of Europe's left-wingers
'Brussels has been vicious and dismissive!' Bannon BLASTS EU treatment of Britain
Trump gets tough on EU after Juncker threatens taxes!
'Your side LOST!' Fraser Nelson SAVAGES Soubry
HITCHENS: Britain's frozen... by our terror of ambulance-chasing lawyers!
Key aide of Jeremy Corbyn suggests 'Israel is committing genocide!' AND?
Actor sentenced to one year behind bars' for domestic violence!'
FAKE NEWS! George Soros was NOT a Nazi collaborator?
93% of locals vote against plan to dump 115 migrants in small Irish town
Swedish journalist called “whore” - Told not to film in Stockholm no-go zone
Show us the evidence! Putin tells Megyn Kelly USA must send proof Russia meddled!
Real feminists do not star in crass porn flicks, J-Law!

Saturday 3 March

Official new guidance instructs judges to favour non-white defendants to 'redress inequality!'
Why have there been NO convictions for FGM in Britain yet?
Murderer who fled Romania to avoid jail gets legal aid to fight extradition from UK!
James Bulger killer gets £260,000 legal aid!
War on Free Speech! EU demands Facebook and Google censor ‘illegal’ speech!
Sadiq Khan focuses on alleged 'ethnic pay gap' during crime wave!
Justin Trudeau's Canada legalises sex with animals!
Burkina Faso: 8 die, 80 wounded in Muslim attacks on French Embassy and army HQ
Why have there been NO convictions for FGM in Britain yet?
Deadly surgeon Supid Sarker jailed for lying to win consultant’s job
‘Evil’ hotel worker, Lucian Stinci, murdered school teacher with hammer!
Terrorist 'teacher' trained 'army of children' to carry out attacks!
E-fit issued by detectives after man stabbed for Rolex watch in Kensington
Appeaser Theresa says we will remain in step with Brussels after Brexit!
Corbyn's U-turn on EU has made alienated Labour voters even angrier than before
CBI chief urges bosses to 'speak up' and turn British public against Brexit!
Marxists, SWP and Commie activists have taken over university lecturers' strike!
ITALY: Mosque urges Muslims to vote for left-wing parties!
GP who turned away dying child 'allowed to return to work as if nothing happened!'
Durham graduate, Isaac Sarayiah, banned from all future university reunions
Harvest of Despair - The Unknown Holocaust!

Friday 2 March

Inquiry says UK government should pay Australia child migrants!
Only one person convicted after pleading guilty to multiple voting in 2017 election!
Katie Hopkins: I love my country but a lot of people no longer recognise it anymore
The Islamic State of Sweden!
Twitter suspend Tommy for saying 90% of convicted grooming gang members are Muslim!
EU Council President demands Northern Ireland be ruled by EU after Brexit?
Italian voters set to shake EU to its core
‘Bury the filthy disbeliever!’ UK Islamic Radio fined for ‘hate speech!’
GERMANY: Syrian asylum seekers on trial for terror
Facebook finds no evidence Russians influenced Brexit - MPS demand they try harder!
PTHALATES: Reduced testosterone tied to chemical exposure!
Phthalates linked to testosterone reductions in both genders!
McDonalds forced girl to eat cheeseburger out in snow because she was wearing school uniform!
A few days of wintriness and utter madness takes hold!
Hollywood! Spare me your virtue-signalling nonsense at the Oscars!
Cops 'question Israeli PM Netanyahu over corruption!'
LUVVIE confesses! 'I'm a psychopath,' says Jennifer Lawrence!
Lifespan gap between men in the richest and poorest parts of Britain widens to 10 years!
Murder your lover? Try to rape a shopkeeper? Invite that transgender to the Lords!

Thursday 1 March

FACEBOOK! Masters of the Universe muzzle Trump!
How to turn kids into snowflakes! London school bans them from 'touching' snow!
Lady Justice Rafferty bans our language, substitutes PC b***ocks!
Theresa May accused of 'complete capitulation' after she ditches red line on migrants!
Harvey Weinstein 'ritually humiliated' women and cried when rejected!
Alexander Palmer stabbed Peter Wrighton, 83, to death - Giggles when questioned
Grenfell survivor faces jail after illegal cannabis oil factory found
SWEDEN: 'Social justice' warriors (lawyers, ex-cops etc) behind rise 'hate speech' prosecutions!
Merkel admits there ARE 'no-go' areas in Germany that 'nobody dares' enter!
ITALY: Matteo Salvini hits back at pro-immigrant bishop!
Mayor Libby Schaaf's warning! 800 illegal aliens avoid arrest!
Ever heard of serial killer, Lorenzo Gilyard? Me neither
'Just weeks to STOP Brexit!' Tony Blair reveals 'last ditch attempt' at 2nd referendum
QUENTIN LETTS: John Major 'like some creepy undertaker, serves a banquet of duplicity!'

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